visioncheckout from auvisus goes into operation in KIT refectory

Daniela Musial-Lemberg

The visioncheckout from auvisus has gone into operation in the canteen of the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe at Campus South. After auvisus launched their now multiple award-winning product in 2020, they could now celebrate the next success. The visioncheckout will, after a successful pilot phase with a recognition accuracy of over 99%, become a permanent part of the Mensa.

Using AI-based image recognition, the visioncheckout’s camera captures the guests’ tray, recognizes all items and books them directly into the cash register. This efficient checkout process shortens queues, while staff can better attend to guests and food preparation.


The startup at KIT is not like any other for the founders of auvisus. This is where the idea for the visioncheckout was born, where the first plans were made during lunch, and where they can now, for the first time, enjoy paying for their food themselves at thes e standing cash register.


“Coming back to your “own” cafeteria with your own product gives you an enormous boost of motivation,” says co-founder Felix Schweikardt.


Corona hat die Gastronomie verändert.

During the lockdown, many restaurateurs have not been able to spend their time on meal planning and service as usual. Instead of sitting back, they have been constantly working on new concepts, quickly realizing: Now is the right time to invest in innovation. The multiple advantages of the visioncheckout fit exactly into the time: If it is put into operation during the lockdown ,one is perfectly prepared for the coming onslaught. In addition, it does not require any user interaction at all, making it an instrument for direct contact reduction. And the visioncheckout also offers a solution to the issue of food waste, which was becoming increasingly relevant even before Corona: the precise data it collects makes it easy to reduce food waste.


The Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe is far from the only one that has already jumped on the bandwagon. Many others are waiting in line for the go-ahead to reopen their company restaurants with visioncheckout. (as of May 2021)

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