In the context of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the role of entrepreneurship in improving the quality of life is strongly emphasised. Entrepreneurship enables the development of a functional infrastructure, fosters inclusive and sustainable economic development and makes a demonstrable contribution to progressive industrialisation and the promotion of innovation.


TECH4Transition focuses precisely on this objective and pursues it through concrete measures in the areas of awareness raising, capacity building and development, as well as knowledge and technology transfer.

What ist TECH4Transition?

Focus on the African start-up economy

TECH4Transition represents an active platform, serves as a facilitator, mediator and amplifier in the African start-up economy and thus acts together with the partners as an entry point.


Close cooperation and collaboration with excellent local partners creates a cluster that contains an enormous technological and infrastructural potential with a large talent pool and increases the visibility and potential of the African target markets in local and international competition.


Due to the focus on the development of technology-based start-ups, i.e. start-ups with a technology focus, a unique network is created at the interface of business, science and research, which has a transnational effect and is built up and successively expanded through local and international expertise.

Modular offer

What can you expect from TECH4Transition?

TECH4Transition is a modular offer of the KIT Gründerschmiede, which is supplemented by target group-specific aspects.


The modules themselves are intended to provide innovative spaces so that the respective target groups work on ideas for technology-based innovations, thus creating an exchange as well as a mentoring & coaching system with established industry partners. In the context of the Just Transition theme, the ability of systemic and critical thinking in the field of entrepreneurship is also to be promoted in order to deal with the complex interrelationships between the SDGs and sustainable development, especially in the local context.


The development of technology-based solutions will be supported through systematic promotion of innovation and start-ups by business and academia.

The 4 modules of TECH4Transition

TECHucate and TECHgrow

MODULE 1: TECHucate – Entrepreneurship as career path & way of empowerment

Joint Entrepreneurship Camp – As part of the JES Camp, students and start-ups have the opportunity to work together on projects in an intercultural environment.

During the TECHucate module, bi-national project teams develop business models for technologies and patents developed at KIT over a period of two weeks. The business model is presented in a final pitch in front of an external audience. One part of the programme is the individual coaching and mentoring session as well as the lectures by speakers from the KIT Alumni and Business Partner Network and the industry partners.


Target group: Early-stage students, researchers, start-ups and people interested in founding a company from the academic environment.


MODULE 2: TECHgrow  Buildingup the local Innovation Ecosystem

This module is divided into two phases. In the first phase, which takes place in the African partner country, the participants take part in a custom-made accelerator. As the final event for the accelerator programme, a pitch event including nomination in front of investors will take place. The winners will take part in phase 2 of the TECHgrow module, which will take them to Germany as part of a soft landing trip.



Target group: Start-ups in the market roll-out phase

The 4 modules of TECH4Transition

TECHxalerate and TECHimpulse

MODULE 3: TECHxalerate  Impact & GrowthAccelerator for mature startups

TECHxalerate is a module that is offered exclusively to selected start-ups in the growth phase. After successful qualification, teams receive an individual roadmap and an individual service package for the further development and acceleration of their activities with regard to business model, financing and internationalisation. In addition to our own advisors and formats, this module makes use of selected partners and addresses challenges.


Target group: Growth Stage; from Series C2


MODULE 4: TECHimpulse

The TECHimpulse module offers individual conceptualisation, planning and implementation of thematically relevant and industry-specific workshops, sessions & impulse lectures. The individual modules are implemented and supplemented together and in coordination with the local partners. Particularly in the areas of women in tech, eco-friendliness & sustainability, team-building, leadership skills, recruitment and other company-relevant challenges, there is potential for improvement that can be addressed through TECHimpulse.

Team TECH4Transition

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