SpeedUpSecure: 4. Final Pitch Day

Ana Beatriz Benatti

4th Final Pitch Day: A look back


The fourth Final Pitch Day took place yesterday and StartUpSecure KASTEL was right in the thick of it. It was a day of inspiration and innovation. For refreshment, there was not only delicious ice cream, but also a specially created cocktail with the four ingredients “great network & community”, “talented people”, “university and research institutions” and “cybersecurity focus”. This mix symbolises the core values of our programme and drives the success story of StartUpSecure.


Congratulations to our winners.


We would like to congratulate Max from VISS from the StartUpSecure KASTEL community on his excellent third place with the Cyberbox hardware security project.


Second place went to inputlab for their use of synthetic test data. First place went to Trustlens for their deep fake detection solution.


We would also like to highlight Max from Law & Innovation Technology, who not only made a passionate plea for privacy, but will also solve the cookie problem for us all with his Consenter project. Such successes demonstrate the potential and innovation of our participants.


Thanks to our supporters.


Special thanks to Carlina, Nihal and Lisa from StartUpSecure | ATHENE. They have created a platform that enables young, innovative start-ups to grow faster. Their dedication and vision have been critical to the success of SpeedUpSecure. To ensure that this success story continues, four batons were handed over to Jürgen Philippi from CISPA, Oliver Küch from Fraunhofer SIT, Friederike Schneider from Cube5 and to us from StartUpSecure KASTEL.


We look forward to supporting the next generation of startups and continuing to drive the future of cybersecurity. Stay tuned for more updates and inspiring stories from the world of SpeedUpSecure!


We congratulate all participating start-ups on their successful participation in SpeedUpSecure, the winners for their strong pitches and especially our community members VISS and Law & Innovation. We wish you continued success!


*Image Source: StartUpSecure | ATHENE


For more information, visit StartUpSecure incubator at ATHENE Research Centre

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