SpeedUp Secure

Sandra Schöttelndreier

Ten innovative startups from all over Germany qualified for the SpeedUpSecure accelerator program for cybersecurity startups, including Bitahoy, CodeShield, immune GmbH, Langlauf Security Automation GmbH PolyCrypt, Trufflepig Forensics and Mitigant. From the beginning of February to the end of March, they benefited from a targeted training program and were accompanied by mentors from the business world. In addition to innovation, a jury also evaluated other factors such as the business model and the team.


The start-up Quantum Optics Jena won the first prize of 2,500 euros. The jury based its decision on the fact that deep tech has the strongest impact in the long term and sees great potential for it both here in Europe and worldwide.


The second prize of 1,500 euros went to the start-up DeepSign. According to the jury, the innovative solution has the potential to do away with passwords. The start-up LocateRisk received the third prize of 1,000 euros.

The jury thus honored the innovative solution to make cybersecurity and risks measurable from the outside and to provide corresponding figures.


The Accelerator is organized by the startup incubator StartUpSecure | ATHENE in Darmstadt and supported by the partner incubators CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security in Saarbrücken, Cube 5 | Creating Security in Bochum and StartUpSecure KASTEL in Karlsruhe.


Photo (from left): Alexander Schellong (INFODAS), Nils Vossebein (Deepsign), Kevin F. (Quantum Optics Jena), Lukas Baumann (LocateRisk), Carlina Bennison (StartUpSecure | ATHENE).

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