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Daniela Musial-Lemberg

Who is Packservice and what does your company do?


In 1980, nobody was talking about outsourcing, digitalisation or co-packing. But Paul Spiering has the right instinct and founds the company Packservice in Karlsruhe. Spiering recognised the outsourcing trend early on – the outsourcing of packaging services to a professional partner. The first customers are large mail-order companies like Heine and Otto. And the company also wins major brand manufacturers as customers early on, including regional manufacturers such as UHU and the cosmetics group L’Oréal. Two companies that still rely on Packservice as a partner today. Since 1992, Packservice has been owner-managed in the second generation under the leadership of Ralph Spiering, the son of the company’s founder. Today, the group of companies has 30 locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and employs 1400 people.  Packservice has been the “partner of strong brands” for over 40 years. Our customers include manufacturers of branded goods from a wide range of sectors, including cosmetics, food, pet food and fashion brands, as well as industrial and pharmaceutical companies. Our core business is co-packing (contract packing). This includes the packaging and commissioning of goods packages, the construction of POS displays, the filling of gift sets and Advent calendars or the machine processing of products.

The Packservice group of companies stands for a success story. Founded in Karlsruhe in 1980, it is now one of the leading providers of high-quality packaging and logistics services in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with over 1,400 employees.

Why are you so successful?


5 million coffrets, 6 million sleeves, 3.2 million shrinks, 1.5 million displays and 5.5 million OnPacks leave our production halls in Germany, Austria and Switzerland every year. Developments in the various industries and the growing demands of the trade are constantly changing the rules of the game for us as a packaging service provider. Speed is the decisive component here, because when every day counts in the battle for the end customer, perfect interaction between packaging and transport logistics is required. Our customers expect the highest quality and flexibility. We are able to deliver even high order volumes to retailers in top quality, just in time. Thanks to our campus concept, in which we work in-house at the customer’s or logistics provider’s premises, the finished goods can be passed on to the logistics provider without any loss of time. This ensures that even tightly scheduled promotions can be realised on time.


What distinguishes you from the competition?


In addition to the classic activities in the field of contract packaging, we offer our customers a comprehensive service along the entire supply chain, from packaging development to handover to the logistics provider for delivery to the retailer. We offer numerous consulting services, such as the optimisation of the packaging process or the development of packaging materials, often with a focus on sustainability. The Packservice Group focuses on digitalisation and automation. This includes modern ERP systems and an extensive range of machinery, including a CoBot.

Packservice has strong ties to founders and the start-up scene and is happy to support them.

What role do start-ups play for you?


For us as a company, start-ups are relevant for three reasons: firstly, as customers; secondly, as a source of impetus and partners; and thirdly, we would like to actively participate in a start-up in the future. Our start-up customers often already have a market-ready product and want to bring it to market. Or they need custom-fit cardboard boxes and packaging materials. We support them along the supply chain. We also enjoy working with young entrepreneurs. One of them looks after Packservice as a consultant, for example. We are very happy to share our networks in the field of packaging materials with him and benefit from each other’s contacts.


How do you support them and why?


Start-ups even change established industries with their innovative products and services. Nevertheless, they often lack experience, for example in the field of packaging and logistics, especially in the initial phase. This is where we come in. Our experts take young entrepreneurs by the hand and provide them with comprehensive and competent support. How should packaging be designed for the point of sale? Which packaging materials are needed?  What are the retail specifications? We know the answers to these and many other questions. We rely on trustworthy suppliers and packaging material manufacturers with whom the price-performance ratio is right!  Thanks to our broad network, start-up customers also benefit from our conditions.

108. Gründergrillen hosted by PACKSERVICE

Why do you support the KIT-Gründerschmiede and the Gründergrillen?


Why go far when the good things are so close? We are a company from Karlsruhe and have never lost our roots. Nevertheless, many people from Karlsruhe (students) don’t know us. That should change! We hope to gain an insight into the regional start-up scene and make many interesting contacts.  In addition, we like the concept of mentoring from the first idea to market entry and believe in the founding spirit.



Many thanks to Sarah Kraft, Head of Communications/Marketing, PACKSERVICE for the interview.

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