KIT-Gründerschmiede at the WAITRO Summit 2022 in Cape Town

Daniela Musial-Lemberg

Innovation, technology and research are key to sustainable development. This is why the WAITRO Summit in Cape Town in November 2022 is so important – it brings together people and organisations from all over the world to discuss these issues. KIT Founders’ Forge represented by Andreas Kleinn was invited to speak at the Summit about how KIT is addressing these issues.


The WAITRO Summit was a great opportunity to network and learn from the experiences of others! The KIT Founders’ Forum has an extensive network that enables budding entrepreneurs to become successful nationally and internationally. Talks and discussions focused on relevant topics ranging from basic research to commercial applications.

The workshop was a chance for all participants to learn about different strategies and experiences from other experts and to develop new ideas. Andreas Kleinn, who chaired the workshop, emphasised the need to familiarise oneself with international markets worldwide in an innovative way and showed examples of how this goal can be achieved.


The WAITRO Summit in November 2022 thus represented a unique opportunity to use the expertise and experience of people from all over the world to generate new ideas for the success of the SDGs. KIT and the KIT Gründerschmiede were able to contribute by discussing research and development topics as well as commercialisation at the workshop. In addition, KIT is considering becoming a member of the WAITRO organisation.

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