asvin receives funding

Philipp Hauff

asvin – StartUpSecure KASTEL alumni – is funded by the Ministry of Economics, Labor and Tourism in Baden-Württemberg as part of the “Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity Innovation Competition”. In spring, the Ministry of Economics had launched an innovation competition “Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity” for the first time, in which small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as start-ups from the state could apply. The competition was open to innovative products and services for defending against cyber attacks. The focus was on innovations that use artificial intelligence (AI) technologies or serve to make AI systems more secure.


The funded project of asvin is a software that prevents “data poisoning” attacks on AI. These attacks can consist, for example, of attackers injecting manipulated data into an AI and thus deliberately altering the AI application. If an AI application manipulated in this way makes incorrect decisions in the field of autonomous driving, for example, this could have fatal consequences for road users. Congratulations!

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