asvin and Klangio are AI Champions Baden-Württemberg

Daniela Musial-Lemberg

For the third time, the “AI Champion Baden-Württemberg” was awarded for the best AI solution among eight companies in Stuttgart. The online award ceremony was organised by the Ministry of Economics, Labour and Tourism.


asvin secured this year’s award with its AI solution “IoT Behaviour Botnet Detection”, which detects attacks on IoT (Internet of Things) end devices at an early stage and protects companies from damage caused by criminal botnets. With the help of AI, the time span from the detection of a cyber attack to the initiation of the first countermeasures can be drastically reduced. This gives companies and institutions significant time advantages in the event of an attack and increases efficiency in cyber defence. As a learning system, the AI also continuously improves the reliability of attack detection and notifications.


The start-up is an alumni of our StartUpSecure KASTEL funding programme.

The KIT spin-off Klangio (formerly Melody Scanner) also received an award. Klangio Music Transcription AI by Klangio GmbH combines AI with music theory and signal processing to develop software tools for musicians. These are able to transcribe an unknown piece of music into musical notation fully automatically and without prior knowledge. For this purpose, research is being conducted on a proprietary AI system that estimates musical parameters such as note events, harmony and rhythm and fuses them while taking the musical context into account. The notes are transferred into digital formats.


The “AI Champions Baden-Württemberg” competition is part of the “Action Programme AI for SMEs” of the Ministry of Economics, Labour and Tourism. This aims to support AI value creation and AI application in SMEs across all sectors.

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