the teams of upcat #8

Philipp Hauff

Team: Camedios

Transportation services are facing the tradeoff between reducing emissions and satisfying economic goals. Camideos solves this tradeoff by providing an independent, transparent and individual evaluation of alternative technologies for trucks. Our virtual twin finds the right alternative for the Diesel incl. Gas-, BEV- or FCEV-trucks. With our ‘truck fitness tracker’ we get the most out of the Diesel trucks and reduce fuel consumption and costs.

Team: ChemZyme

Amid adopting global sustainable solutions, chemical synthesis via enzymatic routes is transforming the face of the current chemical industry. However, big challenges still standing, such as the high cost and carrier-to-enzyme ratio of immobilized enzymes. ChemZyme develops innovative, carrier-free catalytic biomaterials and biotransformation solutions that drastically expand the current biocatalysis frontiers.


Climate change will demand a significant transformation in the German building sector – in the next years we have to renovate our houses and exchange fossil based heating systems. GRUNDSTEINe will enable energy consultants to accelerate the “Energiewende” by providing digital tools to steer projects in a lean and efficient way.

Team: viviX

Everyone has the right to participate in cultural life, but there are still barriers leaving many people behind. ViviX provides museums and exhibitions with an easy-to-use app and professional content production. Different texts, translations, audio, and video give visitors a vivified experience, tailored to their individual needs and abilities.

Team: WEbuy

Webuy is a next generation pioneer in property sales digitization. The proptech decodes a property´s risk-profile through rating-based big data analysis and enables the WE-Community to submit an instant off-market offer to the seller. „Get your free market offer with the press of a button.“

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