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Overview of KIT Start-ups in Hall 17 – Stand A62

MONDAY: Spotium and nanoshape GmbH

TUESDAY: RevoAI and Formic

WEDNESDAY: Aimino GmbH and Respeak

THURSDAY: SemorAI GmbH and prenode GmbH

FRIDAY: REVYVE and Inventife

Spotium and nanoshape GmbH will be presenting themselves in the Startup Arena on Monday.


Spotium uses AI to identify the most relevant sales opportunities, target customers and market news for the specific markets of engineering companies. Thanks to our AI-based Spotium Sales Intelligence Platform, B2B companies no longer have to tediously search the internet or read tons of newsletters. Example: With Spotium, a machine manufacturer does not miss any promising sales signals for its packaging machines.


The team around the founding team of Nico Bartelt, Daniel Bruckner, Lisa Raab currently consists of six people.


For HMI 2023, they want to focus on this: Talking to many potential customers and getting them excited about our customised sales intelligence solution for sales signals and market news.



nanoshape Ltd.

The nanoshape Ltd. is engaged in the development and marketing of innovative surface technologies for medical technology. The focus is on a biomimetic antibacterial surface technology for medical implants made of titanium such as artificial joints, bone plates and screws for fracture care and dental implants.


The founding team, Litsy Hüschelrath and Dr. Patrick Doll, are looking forward to HMI 2023 because they want to increase awareness of their technology and their company and find potential interested parties and cooperation partners from industry. In doing so, they are focusing above all on establishing contacts with industry.

On Tuesday, 18 April, RevoAI and Formic will be on site.


RevoAI builds software that allows organisations to exploit the full potential of digital twins. One area of application is testing in development, which can reduce effort by more than a factor of 1000.

Gustav Basedow and Dr Raphael Pfeffer from the founding team are travelling to HMI 2023 and are looking forward to exciting exchanges and new contacts. Their focus is primarily on new impulses and concrete application examples for their digital twins.


FORMIC is developing a universal modular transport system that can safely move heavy loads of different sizes and weights. The system consists of a flexible number of vehicles that can be arranged on the load as needed. The vehicles lift the load together in a synchronised manner and then move it in formation – operated by a single person.

Founding team: Benedikt KleeTommi KiveläMaximilian Hochstein


They will be presenting their vehicles to the public for the first time at the HMI. In doing so, they want to reach more potential customers, but also introduce other interested people to our technology and their start-up.


Their vehicle is literally their drawing card. On the module with which they will be on site at the trade fair, they will demonstrate the technology and advantages of their system.

On Wednesday, Aimino and Respeak will present themselves in the Startup Arena.


Aimino focuses on a platform for AI applications based on generative AI.  Aimino develops a powerful platform that helps companies to develop customised AI solutions quickly and easily and thus achieve their business goals more efficiently.


The founding team of Aimino consists of experienced experts in AI development and business development. The team consists of Tam (CTO, ex-Google) and Fibi (CEO) Nguyen. Aimino currently has a team of 9 employees.


Aimino expects to participate in HMI 2023 as an opportunity to showcase their platform and company to a wide audience of industry experts and decision makers, and to make valuable contacts. Their focus is on demonstrating the power of their platform and how it can help companies develop customised AI solutions quickly and easily. The founding team also wants to meet potential customers and partners to expand their network.


ChatGPT is a hot topic at the moment and at Respeak we have been developing a solution to connect GPT models with corporate knowledge bases since 2021. This allows us to support your employees with easily accessible digital experts for knowledge and code, and provide intelligent search capabilities for your website. We also provide powerful features that allow you to control and evaluate interactions with the system.


Respeak was founded by Dr Tim Rietz building on his PhD in AI and human-machine interaction. Laura Kienzle joined as late co-founder in 2023. The team currently consists of six employees.


The HMI is always exciting for Respeak to exchange ideas with potential customers and partners on current challenges and application scenarios. The hype for generative AI is currently high and companies are asking themselves how they can profitably use such technologies in their operations. This is where Respeak comes in. They want to use HMI 2023 to sharpen their customer communication and reduce it to easily outlined use cases. To this end, they are looking forward to exciting discussions and new contacts.

On Thursday, SemorAI and prenode will be exhibiting.


Semorai offers manufacturing companies an AI-based quality assistant that enables them to automatically identify potential defects in the development phase and assess their risk. Unlike previous solutions, our AI understands the products and their manufacturing processes on the physical level and is thus not dependent on human knowledge.

Founding team: Kanran ZhouJohn Achim Holzhauer


Their goal for HMI 2023 is to generate leads to 25 potential customers. In addition, as KIT alumni and founders, they want to represent KIT appropriately. At HMI 2023, SemorAI will present the current focus of their product development.


prenode is an IT company from Karlsruhe. We offer a solution in which heterogeneous plants and machines can be monitored and intelligently evaluated in a web-based manner by connecting and linking camera and machine data. In addition, we develop scalable AI systems on the edge in cooperation with our customers.


The start-up’s management team currently includes Robin Hirt as CEO, Caroline Dieterich as CTO and Timo Schneider as CPO. The team size is 12 employees.

“At HMI 2023 we want to get to know machine builders and manufacturers better and strengthen existing contacts.” This is what the management team has to say about their motivation for participating in the trade fair.

Their focus is primarily on gaining strong and long-term industry contacts. In addition, they also attach great importance to strong partnerships in the development of innovative solutions for industrial manufacturing.

The teams REVYVE and Inventife will close the event on Friday.


Development and marketing of hydrogen engine technology to accelerate the entry of engine and vehicle manufacturers into the market for climate-neutral propulsion systems. The focus is on maritime propulsion systems to maximise the potential for CO2 savings. Cost efficiency and longevity of the technology are the main focus.


The founding team is a duo that combines rare technical expertise in hydrogen propulsion with a pronounced hands-on mentality and the will to advance emission-free hydrogen mobility technologically and economically. David Gerber and David Leimann combine expertise in mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, thermodynamics, project management and sponsor acquisition. Passion, integrity and tireless ambition to protect the climate play an important role.


The team consists of the two founders and their team of 12+ students.

Motivation for HMI 2023: To get in touch with new potential customers. Gaining first experience as an exhibitor. Get feedback regarding customers and our storytelling.

Their focus: To successfully implement the storytelling in the field of hydrogen mobility and to present our state of the art technology.


Inventife has developed a sensor system that is able to detect not only moving people like a motion detector, but the entire situation in the room. Thus, they enable real and situational building automation. Thus the company is able to control light, heating and much more (alarm systems in case of selected accidents), whereby they increase comfort and security on the one hand and save energy on the other hand.


The two founders Robin Göbel and Max-Felix Müller want to win new customers at the HMI who are interested in their sensor system. In addition, they want to meet as many interested parties as possible. They are setting up their system live on site to give potential customers the maximum experience of their system.

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