Startup Date with Daniel Jung

Daniela Musial-Lemberg

He is one of the most watched online tutors in the world and has over 3,000 maths explainer videos on his YouTube channel, which is followed by almost 930,000 people.

He has helped millions of students through their exams. Some call him a maths god, others refer to him as the rock star of maths. He would never say either about himself, but despite his popularity, maths explainer Daniel Jung has remained down to earth and speaks openly and honestly about the topics that move him.


Our Startup Date Talk focussed on his experiences as a founder, what has been his mission for 20 years and what drives Daniel? But also: Where is the digital education journey in Germany heading and what role does AI play in this?
Thank you Daniel for your open and honest insights. The 300 or so guests in the audience on site and the numerous digital viewers of the hybrid event listened intently to Daniel’s experiences and anecdotes. At the end, everyone had plenty of time to ask questions and the photo wall with Daniel Jung selfies was used non-stop until the end of the event.


The “Startup Dates” are a series of events organised by start-up supporters at German universities and provide an exclusive look behind the scenes of German start-ups and entrepreneurs: exciting, surprising and personal details take centre stage. Details and insights that are otherwise often neglected.

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