Review of the START Summit x Hack 2024

Ana Beatriz Benatti

Our team members Thomas Neumann, Ralf Stüber and Rick Lindner travelled to the hackathon in two buses, accompanied by the Startups Onino, nono, StraightUp, AvoLingo, Validaitor and Weyp, as well as 27 talented hackers.

The atmosphere was positive right from the start. We and the startups were looking forward to the experiences and impulses of START, as well as making new connections and strengthening existing friendships.

The START Summit x Hack programme offered inspiring workshops and diverse Start-ups. A special highlight was that our hacker team “ctrl+alt+defeat” won the Cisco Challenge and had the opportunity to pitch on the main stage in front of several thousand participants.



The feedback on our programme was consistently positive. Participants were impressed by the event and grateful for the opportunity to take part. Many were already asking about the next hackathon and expressed their desire to participate again soon.

The visit to the START Summit x Hack 2024 was a complete success for us. The start-ups made valuable contacts with potential customers and investors. We left a lasting impression with the picture of more than 30 people in a black and orange KIT-Gründerschmiede hoodie entering the registration hall. The more than 700 people in the hackathon hall also recognised us as KIT-Gründerschmiede.

As a next step, we are thinking about what similar events could look like in the future. One idea is “hacKIT!”, a format in which KIT students are sent to other hackathons to win further challenges.

Participating in this event was a testament to our commitment and ability to support Startups on their path to success. The START Summit x Hack 2024 was a platform for growth, innovation and collaboration that we knew we could capitalise on.

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