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Software & Information Technology 2019

According to the motto “Our service is to make your service even better”, Appointrix creates a unique service experience together with intelligent software solutions. Their business idea: to keep process flows of ordered goods that have to be installed at the customer’s, such as washing machines, transparent for all parties involved. The goal of their software is to increase efficiencies and save resources. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s an online or offline presence.

Software & Information Technology 2019

auvisus uses artificial intelligence in image processing to automate the checkout process in company restaurants. AI-supported image recognition is used for this: The visioncheckout recognises all items via camera and automatically checks them out.

Lifestyle 2018

BestFit is your personal coach for your smartphone. The personalised health plans are designed for patients with musculoskeletal complaints. BestFit can determine pain intensity and localisation as well as fitness level with the help of their medical and sports history. By means of long-term preventive as well as rehabilitative care, they increase their clients’ quality of life.

Biotechnology 2018

Aquarray’s droplet microarray (DMA) technology enables a sustainable improvement in cell screening in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries. With the new possibility of miniaturised high-throughput screening, laboratories can screen thousands of samples in parallel to decrease the overall consumption of reagents and cells.

Biotechnology 2014

The company 300MICRONS develops and produces novel 3D cell culture systems for biological and pharmaceutical research and industry. The basic product is a film substrate for 3D cell cultivation. Due to the in-house production of the foil products, individual customer requirements can be taken into account. The products are ready for immediate use and available in standard industrial formats.

Software & Information Technology 2013
AAA GeoTech Systems UG

Geoinformation systems (GIS) and geodata collection are now being used in more and more areas. The demand for high-quality geodata collection tools has increased significantly in recent years. To counteract the complexity of classic GIS without having to forego a multitude of functions, the founders of the start-up GeoTech Systems developed their own acquisition software.

Biotechnology 2012

Amcure entwickelt Peptid-basierte Verbindungen zur Behandlung hochmetastasierender Formen von Plattenepithelkrebs. Der Spitzenkandidat AMC303 wird als Behandlung für Patienten mit fortgeschrittenen und metastasierenden Plattentumoren entwickelt, wie Kopf- und Nackenkrebs, Speiseröhrenkrebs, Gebärmutterhalskrebs und Lungenkrebs. (english)

Electronic 2011
Audriga GmbH

Cloud computing has now replaced the classic IT infrastructure in many companies. Software as a Service (SaaS) offers users many advantages over the local installation of application programmes. The KIT spin-off audriga GmbH has addressed one of the weak points of the principle and offers a highly scalable relocation service for e-mail, contacts and calendars for provider changes.