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Logistics 2022
aioneers Ldt.

The Smartest Way To Master Your Supply Chain Get ahead of the competition by closing the supply chain performance gap with the AIO Supply Chain Command Center

Chemistry 2022
Icodos Ldt.

De-fossilizing chemistry & shipping via lowest cost green methanol production

Software & Information Technology 2022
Primary Target Ldt.

Data security can’t be a vanishing point. Information technology became an integral part of our lives. Each day, our dependence on subsequent systems increases. Thus, we need to rely on innovative cybersecurity solutions. This also applies to modern vehicles and the industry – any breach or system damage may result in costs and casualties. Cyberattacks can cripple not only particular products but whole organizations. The need for powerful cybersecurity software corresponds with increasing complexity. And we have the answer to that need. We even go beyond them – we speed up time-to-market (90%) and reduce development costs (35%).

industrial technology 2022
Saden Ldt.

The range of services includes company-specific simulation consulting, identification of potentials and implementation and support of research and development projects for the investigation of processes and machines to build up system understanding in order to -optimise existing plants and processes and increase efficiency and output levels -improve the design of future process and machine generations -develop new processes. To achieve this, we offer, among other things, the analysis of bulk materials, modelling and simulation validation using measurement technology.

Software & Information Technology 2022
TeachIT UG

The development and distribution of software and internet platforms for presentations, especially for use in digital teaching and further education.

industrial technology 2022
Traggert Ldt.

The true path to paperless production With Traggert you change the information transfer on and from the shop floor in a sustainable way. Thanks to modular hardware, modern algorithms and user-friendly software, we are ushering in a new era of production control and monitoring.

Electronic 2022

TOWARDS A CIRCULAR ELECTRONICS INDUSRTY Desoltik enables the reuse of chips and semiconductors on an industrial scale

Software & Information Technology 2022
uCore Systems Ldt.

Safe and sound in the digital home uCORE makes your IoT systems uncomplicated and user-friendly