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Pharmacy 2017

Lumobiotics entwickelt lichtgesteuerte Peptidwirkstoffe als sichere zytolytische Wirkstoffe zur Behandlung von soliden Krebserkrankungen und lokalisierten Infektionskrankheiten.

Software & Informationstechnologie 2016
Vanguard Photonics

Stehen Sie vor der Herausforderung, photonische integrierte Schaltkreise (PIC) zu verpacken, photonische Multi-Chip-Systeme zu montieren oder einfach mikrooptische Elemente mit komplexen Formen herzustellen?Vanguard Photonics hat eine Lösung!

Software & Information Technology 2014
Papershift GbR

Papershift has developed an online workforce planner to easily determine work schedules.

Lifestyle 2014
KIT Campus Transfer GmbH

The efficient structures of the KCT accelerate the transfer between research and industry.

Materials Technology 2014
Lightrig GmbH

With its artistic lighting control, Lightrig ensures physically consistent light processing.

Lifestyle 2014
Corvolution GmbH

While still at university, the three founders of corvolution GmbH developed plans for their own company. The team has developed a 20-gram sensor called mesana that enables people to undergo a two-day health check from home. This involves recording 16 health values in detail and evaluating them in a personal health report.

Mechanical Engineering 2013

Variobots are biologically inspired robot kits that take in their surroundings with special perceptive capabilities. With a patented combination of light sensors, they can detect objects, obstacles, lights, shadows or markings on the ground by the slightest brightness contrasts.

Pharmacy 2013

The IFBG (Institute for Occupational Health Consulting) develops new ideas in occupational health management.