KIT spin-off PHABIOC launches its innovative SpecPlate

Ana Beatriz Benatti

We congratulate PHABIOC on the successful launch of their SpecPlate, which is unique in its form.

The SpecPlate is unique because it makes plate-based UV/Vis spectroscopy more efficient and sustainable by addressing the disadvantages of the current gold standard and combining its advantages. With the SpecPlate, dilution-free measurements can be performed over a wide concentration range without the error-prone influence of pipetting inaccuracies or liquid meniscus. In addition, the SpecPlate is fully compatible with existing laboratory equipment and can therefore be seamlessly integrated into existing workflows.

Interested parties will have the opportunity to meet the PHABIOC team in person and see the SpecPlate first hand. The team will be present at various events, including analytica in Munich from 9 to 12 April, Hannover Messe at the KIT stand on 23 April, Achema in Frankfurt from 10 to 14 June, future labs live in Basel from 26 to 27 June and the Festival of Biologics in Basel from 15 to 17 October.


  • Hannovermesse: 23.4. at KIT Stand
  • Achema in Frankfurt: 10.-14.6.
  • future labs live in Basel: 26.-27.6.
  • Festival of biologics in Basel: 15.-17.10.


PHABIOC’s mission is to develop innovative solutions to the challenges faced by the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Their products, such as the SpecPlate, are designed to be efficient, reliable and easy to use, helping researchers around the world to optimise their laboratory work and make breakthrough discoveries.


With a strong focus on research and development, the PHABIOC team is continuously working to push the boundaries of science and shape the future of laboratory analytics. Through their dedicated work and innovative approach, PHABIOC is positioning itself as a leader in the industry and helping to advance research on a global scale.

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