„KGS goes Tel-Aviv“ V1.0

Daniela Musial-Lemberg

As a startup manager in the KIT Startup Garage, I had the opportunity this summer to participate in a startup tour to Israel with the delegation of the Karlsruhe Pioneer Garage. This trip was an enriching experience full of inspiring encounters and I would like to share my five most important insights with you.



The fifth learnings of Ralf

1. The power of community

On the first day of our startup tour, we had the privilege of visiting Hasoub Garage and listening to Rabea Zioud’s inspiring talk. Rabea shared the incredible journey of Hasoub, a network dedicated to supporting Arab tech entrepreneurs. From humble community meetings to becoming a driving force in the Israeli startup scene, Hasoub demonstrated the power of community and collaboration in building a more diverse and inclusive “startup nation.”


2. Growth through networking

Hasoub’s success story underscored the importance of networking. They leveraged the support of sponsors and actively organized events and lectures to build a strong network. This reinforced the idea that successful entrepreneurship often depends on making meaningful connections with others in the ecosystem.


3. The Israeli startup ecosystem.

Our tour also offered exciting insights into the Israeli startup ecosystem. Andrea Frahm from the Helmholtz office in Tel Aviv shared with us invaluable knowledge about the ecosystem’s strong networks and Tel Aviv’s role as a thriving center for entrepreneurs. It was enlightening to see how Tel Aviv has positioned itself as a global center for innovation and the export of high-tech products.

4. The effect of innovation

Our visit to Daika Woods introduced us to the world of innovative wood composites. This experience was particularly fascinating for me, as I had a similar background during my time at Fraunhofer. Seeing the advances and potential applications of these materials reinforced my belief in the transformative power of innovation.


5. Strategic positioning

The evening in Tel-Aviv with Nir Halperin, an Israeli serial entrepreneur, left me with an exciting realization: “It’s not enough to have the best ice cream, it’s about positioning it correctly and getting it to the customer.” This insight underscored the importance of strategic positioning and effective market entry, which are critical to the success of startups.



In summary, my startup tour in Israel was an enriching experience that reaffirmed my commitment to supporting budding entrepreneurs. The five insights – Community Building, Networking, Ecosystem Awareness, Impact of Innovation, and Strategic Positioning – will undoubtedly influence my work at the KIT Incubator and support budding founders on their journey. I look forward to sharing these insights with our entrepreneur community and exploring further opportunities for positive change in the dynamic world of startups. Founders’ Barbecue on September 28 and to welcome a delegation from Hasoub and Helmholtz Israel to the KIT Founders’ Incubator in TRIANGEL Open Space on September 29.

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