Founder's pitch at the Neuland Innovation Day

Michelle Kolodziej

Highlights of the founder pitch

Each team had just three minutes to present their innovative business ideas. These start-ups covered a wide range of industries and presented creative solutions to challenges in their respective fields:

Liftwise stepped up with an innovative solution for weight training by integrating gamification and sensor technology. Their functional wristband provides instant feedback on the user’s performance, increasing motivation and efficiency during training.


Rement impressively demonstrated the sustainability approach in construction. They showed how concrete can be recycled using CO2 from waste gases and water and transformed into valuable new materials such as precipitated calcium carbonate. This method not only recycles materials, but also contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions.


Phabioc developed an improved multiwell plate for pharmaceutical research that eliminates measurement errors and reduces material consumption. Its technology is fully compatible with existing equipment and aims to be manufactured through licensing to significantly increase efficiency in drug development.


Prio Optics presented a new, cost-effective method for manufacturing optical filters that are energy-efficient and suitable for various technological applications. This innovation aims to revolutionise production in B2B markets and minimise environmental impact.


Spotium offers an AI-supported sales solution for mechanical engineering that enhances and optimises existing customer data. Their system improves customer relationships through targeted data analysis and more efficient sales strategies.


Valoon has developed a user-friendly communication platform that enables construction workers to communicate effectively via their favourite messenger services. This solution simplifies daily communication on construction sites and improves coordination and efficiency.

The award ceremony

The jury, consisting of Cornelius Baral from MBG BW, Dr Jörg Strese from Montan-Innovation Lab Saar, Maximilian Intrau from InnoEnergy and Dr Anne Umbach from Hightech Gründerfond, evaluated the presentations and asked challenging questions. The prizes were awarded as follows:

  • 1st prize (€4,000 from MBG BW): Rement
  • 2nd prize (€3,000 from Montan-Innovation Lab Saar): Valoom
  • 3rd prize (€2,000 from InnEnergy): Spotium
  • Audience Award (€1,000 from Hightech Gründerfond): Rement

At the end of the day, the start-up pitch at the NEULAND Innovation Day impressively demonstrated how great ideas can be presented in a short space of time. A big thank you to everyone who helped with the organisation, to the brave start-ups who demonstrated their innovative ideas on stage, and a special thank you to the jury for their expertise and commitment, which made this day a complete success. We look forward to seeing how the ideas presented develop and wish all participating teams all the best!

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