Founder of the month: RevoAI

Sandra Schöttelndreier
Founder of the month

What does your company stand for?


We build software that allows organizations to get the full potential out of digital twins. There are companies that achieve cost advantages of more than 1000 X with digital twins compared to, for example, physical prototypes or processes. But for most of them, if they use the potential at all, the cost advantage is hardly greater than one. This is the gap where we come in.


Where and how did you come up with the bright idea to found the company?


There were many influences. The market, i.e. customers, research, but also industry experience.


How did the founding team come together?


Several ways, but all connected to KIT in some way. For example, we got to know each other through research projects and Professor Terzidis’ Acclerator upCAT.


Where do you see the hurdles in the start-up process? Where did you get support?


Pressing the start button, i.e. getting started. We were supported in particular by colleagues from the KIT Gründerschmiede and EnTechnon. For example, Dr. Blattner and Dr. Braun with financing, or Professor Terzidis with establishing contacts to mentors.

What was one of your biggest challenges during the start-up phase?


Defining and putting together the best possible core team.


Has anything changed for you since the formal founding? And if so, what?


Little impact. Mainly because we have excellent tax advisors with




From your point of view, what quality should a founder bring to the table?


Sales affinity.


Question for our start-up community: Do you have any practical tips for other young founders?


Develop sales affinity and be open to change.


Question for our start-up community: From today’s perspective, what would you perhaps do/approach differently?


Start up earlier. Not formally, but overall.


What are your plans for the future? What are your next big milestones?


Currently we are piloting our product in paid projects. The next milestone is the release of the product at the end of the year.



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