asvin receives research contract worth millions

Kamelia Maleschlijski

The start-up asvin receives a research contract worth millions from the Federal Cyber Agency. We congratulate founder Mirko Ross and his entire team on this success.


asvin Ltd was the winner of the German Federal Cyber Agency’s critical infrastructure tender to develop the next generation solution for cybersecurity threat sharing and analysis. asvin’s bid and its MANTRA proposal prevailed in a very intense competition. In the end, MANTRA is one of three projects funded by the Cyber Agency to develop the next level of cyber security in critical infrastructure. The Cyber Agency is providing a total budget of 30 million euros to the selected three projects.


This project, which is being implemented under the leadership of asvin Ltd, has a combined budget of around €13.5 million for the second to fourth stages. asvin Ltd is creating a secure and resilient framework for the real-time exchange of cyber attack patterns and their risk management. The novel and graph-model based approach offers significant advantages in cyber security management. It impressed the jury with its methodology for automating and prioritising actions, mitigating risks and actively defending against cyber attacks.


Founded in October 2021, the start-up is celebrating one success after another and is a valuable member of the StartUpSecure KASTEL community.


Read the press release here.

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