Review: An evening with Titus Dittmann

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Image rights: KIT, Markus Breig

Image rights: KIT, Markus Breig

I’ll go with Confucius, who said, „Get a job you love and you’ll never have to work again!“

His inspiring keynote address to an audience of around 450 was not only about entrepreneurship, but also about the importance of self-determined learning and freedom for young people. His advice to all students when choosing a course of study or a career: „I agree with Confucius, who said: „Find a job you love and you will never have to work again! In making this decision, young people should therefore be guided by what their heart burns for and where they want to contribute all their talents with enthusiasm. Such a path will bring a lot of satisfaction and the right work-life balance.“

He also reported on the work of his skate-aid foundation, which supports children’s and youth projects worldwide, for example in Afghanistan. Where life is marked by terror, violence and destruction, he wants to make children strong with the educational power of skateboarding.

The event with Titus Dittmann continued the successful event series „An evening with …“ at KIT, – last year star investor Frank Thelen was a guest.

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