KIT spin-off memetis is pleased about new major investor

Daniela Musial-Lemberg

memetis GmbH announces a new partnership with Fluid-o-Tech S.r.l., an Italian innovation and market leader in fluid pumps. The Karlsruhe, Germany-based deep tech start-up manufactures the world’s most compact and lightweight commercially available valves with shape memory alloys. “We see unique opportunities to build a technology leader in the field of shape memory controlled valves for life sciences and industrial applications,” says Christoph Wessendorf, one of the four founders.


memetis originated as a spin-off from KIT, where co-founders Hinnerk Oßmer, Christof Megnin and Marcel Gültig spent several years researching various applications and properties of shape memory alloys with Prof. Manfred Kohl. “The material is the machine,” says Dr. Hinnerk Oßmer when asked about the advantages of shape memory alloys. Thanks to the excellent miniaturization capabilities of this material, memetis is able to develop the smallest and most powerful actuators based on this innovative and proprietary technology.


One of the most promising fields for this technology is miniature valves for handling fluids in the life science industry. “Similar to how miniaturization has revolutionized the electronics industry, smaller and lighter actuators as well as systems are increasingly in demand in the life science sector,” says Dr. Christof Megnin, head of valve production at memetis. To meet this growing demand, memetis has decided to join forces with a strategic partner to leverage synergies and enable new solutions for the next generation of compact microfluidic systems.

Warum Fluid-o-Tech investiert.

“With Fluid-o-Tech, winner of the Italian Business Innovation Award three times in a row, we have found the perfect partner for our ambitious goals,” comments Dr. Marcel Gültig on the decision. “Developing products for the life science sector as well as the medical industry is a challenge that is not easy to master as a small start-up.” Combining memetis’ innovative new technology with Fluid-o-Tech’s production and business know-how will take fluid handling based on miniaturized shape memory valves to the next level. Customers of memetis are developing, for example, PCR test equipment, peptide array synthesis and DNA analyzers.


“The goal of the Fluid-o-Tech group is to provide customers with fully integrated fluid handling solutions, not just individual components,” says Diego Andreis, CEO of the family-owned company. The extremely compact valves from memetis ideally complement the portfolio. The recent substantial investment in memetis by Fluid-o-Tech represents a unique opportunity to create a technology leader in the field of shape memory controlled intelligent fluidic fluid handling systems. Francesco Butera, managing director of Dolphin Fluidics S.r.l. emphasizes that “with 30 years of experience and an extensive and strong patent portfolio, we are the world’s leading group for digital valves based on shape memory technology from micro to macro.” The existing shareholders of memetis, namely the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), the High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) and a group of technology-savvy angel investors fully share this vision and continue to support the growth and development of memetis.

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