Joint Entrepreneurship School finally back on site


This year, a Joint Entrepreneurship School (JES) could finally take place again. After a delegation of Chinese students from Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) visited KIT in July, the return visit to Shanghai took place in September.


The seminar was held in the morning and built on the content started in Karlsruhe. In addition to developing business models, units on financial planning and marketing, the tandems of KIT and SJTU students created a final pitch. This pitch was presented to a jury on the last day. In the afternoons, accelerator programmes such as NeoBay and established companies such as Alibaba were visited to offer the students insights into the Chinese startup and business world.

Apart from the seminar events, the participants had enough time to get to know the city of Shanghai better. They had the opportunity to admire the skyline, explore local street markets and bars and sample the culinary delights of the region. The trip thus offered the students not only professional development, but also cultural insights and personal experiences that broadened their perspectives.


The JES as part of GHPro is a unique opportunity for students to gain applied knowledge, get to know foreign cultures and make international friends.”

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