Highlights of the CISPA Community Exchange Event

Artjom Abele

On 24.11.23 the time had come – CEE #6 at Jules Verne, Saarbrücken! Our KASTEL team at the start, two of our community start-ups, Fibi from Aimino and Max from VISS, rocked it! An evening full of innovation, inspiring pitches and intensive networking.

The atmosphere was relaxed and welcoming, which not only benefited the pitches, but also the networking opportunities. With a live band, delicious food and table tennis, an environment was created that encouraged creative exchange. The two founders, Fibi and Max, were not only able to present their ideas, but also make valuable contacts. Possible synergies were discussed and the course was set for future collaborations.

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Despite the difficult travelling conditions from Karlsruhe, participation in the event was more than worthwhile. The lively community and the wealth of ideas showed that commitment to such events always pays off.


Many thanks to CISPA for the successful organisation of the event. We look forward to further joint events that will further strengthen and advance our startup community!


Conclusion? Our start-ups not only pitched, but also made new contacts. Maybe there will soon be new collaborations – who knows? 🚀

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