Great IMPULSE evening with Babbel founder Thomas Holl

Daniela Musial-Lemberg

Thomas Holl is co-founder of the world’s most successful language learning app Babbel. But let’s start from the beginning. The journey begins much earlier. Thomas was already programming at the age of 14 and earned his first money as a schoolboy. Before studying computer science at the University of Karlsruhe, he built his very first software synthesiser.


After graduating, he actually wanted to get started with his three friends in the field of music technology and DJ mixing console software, but then everything changed. Because Lorenz wanted to learn Spanish but couldn’t find a good way to do so online, they were all hooked. “What, there must be something. It’s 2007 and we’re in the internet age”. Long story short: the four of them successfully filled the gap they found back then with the Babbel language learning app.

Thomas Holl provided authentic insights into this exciting entrepreneurial journey with all its ups and downs and personal challenges at the IMPULSE evening on 14 November 2023. The guests listened intently to his presentation and even after the open Q&A session, the rush of questions and selfie requests did not subside. One visitor even travelled from Freiburg to ask Thomas Holl a question in person.


Many thanks at this point to the Cyber Forum, without whom the IMPULSE evening with Thomas Holl would not have been possible. At the end of a positive and inspiring evening for those interested in founding a company, there was also time for our team selfie with Thomas. Thank you Thomas Holl, we look forward to your next visit to Karlsruhe.


Fun fact about Thomas: He has completed beginner level 1 in almost all 14 languages of his Babbel app.

New podcast episode NACHGEFRAGT with Thomas Holl

Before the IMPULSE evening, Daniela from our team had the opportunity to interview Thomas Holl for our podcast. Just under 40 minutes

Have fun listening to NACHGEFRAGT!

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