Funding for YourPrivacyLawyer

Kamelia Maleschlijski

With the inclusion of YourPrivacyLawyer in the StartUpSecure KASTEL community, the community has gained a promising new member. The company is focussing on the development of an innovative consent agent that enables consumers to give and manage their cookie consent both initially on websites and later across contexts on a one-off basis.


Funding since: 01.11.2023

Funding amount: €779,000

Funding period: 15 months

Founder: Prof Max von Grafenstein

Team: currently consists of 7 employees

Location: Berlin

Topic: The main topic of YourPrivacyLawyer is the development of the consent agent, which enables consumers not only to give their cookie consent for the first time on websites, but also to manage it across contexts. This innovative approach not only simplifies the consent process for users, but also ensures that consumers’ privacy preferences are respected in different contexts.

The StartUpSecure KASTEL team wishes YourPrivacyLawyer every success in implementing this ground-breaking solution and promoting transparent and user-friendly cookie consent practices.

Further information can be found here:

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