Funding for Cyber Insight

Kamelia Maleschlijski

The startup’s main focus is to develop an advanced solution for assessing risks and deriving data-based recommendations for action.


Funded since: 01.12.2023
Funding Amount: € 795,500
Funding period: 12 months
Founders: Dominik Weis & Fabian Bauhammer
Team: Currently 13 employees
Location: Leipzig, Saxony
Topic: Cyber Insight’s concept is to enable companies to comprehensively analyze their cyber risks. The startup’s solution is based on data-driven approaches that enable precise risk assessment and concrete recommendations for action. Using advanced technology and data analytics, Cyber Insight aims to help companies proactively respond to potential security threats and take effective action to minimize risk.


The StartUpSecure KASTEL funding provides Cyber Insight with the opportunity to further develop its solution and bring it to market. The entire StartUpSecure KASTEL team looks forward to supporting Cyber Insight on its path to success and wishes the company every success in realizing this important innovation in the field of cyber security.


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