Conversion of greenhouse gases into fuels


Co-Founder and MD Philipp Engelkamp

The product

How electricity and CO2 are turned into sustainable fuels such as gasoline, diesel or kerosene.

The company INERATEC supplies modular chemical plants for power-to-X and gas-to-liquid processes as well as sustainable fuels and chemical products. Hydrogen from renewable electricity and greenhouse gases such as CO2 are used to synthetically produce climate-neutral gasoline, clean diesel, sustainable e-kerosene and basic chemicals such as wax. The particularly compact plant design is made possible by the innovative reactors.

After almost 10 years of basic research at the Institute of Micro Process Technology (IMVT), the founders have achieved a completely new level of compactness and process intensification with their chemical reactor technology. The innovative chemical reactors offer high load flexibility and fast start-up and shut-down times. They are therefore ideally suited for fluctuating renewable energy applications and are thus a necessary technology for a successful energy transition. The founders quickly realized the enormous potential of such a technology. After all, gases are produced in countless industrial processes and have hardly been reused up to now. For example, when a sensible use is sought for sewage gases. For the founders, it was clear that founding the company INERATEC was the logical consequence – they wanted to bring this technology to market and series maturity.


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A contribution for the environment

INERATEC can gradually replace fossil products with renewable, completely CO2-neutral products, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Tim Böltken, co-founder: “Our focus is clearly on renewable energies. We apply the Power-To-X process, generating hydrogen from surplus renewably generated electricity, for example from photovoltaic or hydropower plants. We store the hydrogen together with carbon dioxide in storable products, such as a fuel or a wax. We recently sold pilot plants for this in our three business areas gas-to-liquid, power-to-liquid and power-to-gas. Our gas-to-liquid process converts fossil associated and surplus gases but also renewable methane-containing gases into synthetic hydrocarbons and fuels. Our power-to-gas process produces synthetic natural gas from renewable hydrogen and carbon dioxide and/or carbon monoxide. The power-to-liquid process converts renewable electricity and carbon dioxide into liquid, multi-purpose fuels and chemical products.”

We have chosen INERATEC as the winner of the German Founders Award because they have developed a great and innovative product. Porsche Consulting Michale Tribus

The people behind Ineratec

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