The winners of the GROW Final 2023

Artjom Abele

1st place: Rement


are GROWs No.1 in 2023 The team Felix Baur, Alena Huber and Vincent Gottwald and Adrian Neukirch form the start-up Rement, which will have a major impact on the future of the environment by recycling cement. 10% of the world’s CO2 production comes from concrete. Here’s what their innovative idea looks like: Construction companies that need to get rid of their cement waste can bring it to Rement for less money than traditional landfills. This “waste” is then converted into the basic material calcium oxide via a chemical process. This so-called burnt lime is then in turn sold to concrete manufacturers as well as other players in the economy. Congratulations on the first place.

2nd place MyYour

Mi Le, the founder of MeinDein GmbH, put on an energetic performance and was able to convince the MeinDein jury and took second place. MeinDein is a sharing platform that makes borrowing and lending safe, easy and fast. MeinDein is committed to mindful, more efficient and sustainable item use. They want to add value to the community and build a sharing community. To further develop their start-up, they are participating in the Cyberlab’s Asselarator programme and have moved into the Gameforge in the Technolgiepark Karlsruhe. Good luck for 2023!

3rd place and sustainability place: MaDeCa

The team from the start-up MaDeCa had two reasons to be happy, because they won both the third place and the sustainability award this year. Congratulations!

By the way, MaDeCa stands for “Marine Decarbonisation” and their name says it all, because they want to grow algae in lakes. Why? Algae have a positive CO2 balance. MaDeCa therefore wants to sell licences to companies with which they can improve their own CO2 balance. They also use the biomass produced to generate green electricity in biogas plants.

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