The #bawükommt Tour 2023

Artjom Abele

“It was an explosion!” Thomas Neumann, Head of KIT-Gründerschmiede, Moderator Podcast

“It was a pleasure to accompany the #bawükommt tour! ” Vincent Fiedler, Board Member of PionoerGarage

“We are looking forward to the class trip like school children 🤩! – Julia Piechotta, Founder, CMO & CFO Spoontainable, Orga Team bawükommt, Moderator Podcast

The enthusiasm of the BaWü kommt tour is still evident. 28 startups had the pleasure of experiencing a three-day tour from Stuttgart to Milan and back. In the process, they got to know not only the St. Gallen but also the Italian start-up scene. This much can be revealed: The German and Italian cultures probably have risk aversion in founding in common 🤣.

It was a unique tour full of great impressions!

Day 1 – Tour start to St. Gallen

On the first day, the tour started in Stuttgart in the morning. The destination was the START Summit in St. Gallen. Here everyone got to know each other briefly and immediately afterwards the first intensive conversations began. And as entrepreneurs go, some of these conversations were also recorded for the KIT-Gründerschmiede podcast.🎙️😏

There were great speakers and many interesting conversations in St. Gallen. After an exciting day and full of anticipation of the Italian start-up ecosystem, we then headed over the Alps to Milan with lots of singing and guitar accompaniment. The bus arrived at its final destination in the middle of the night.

Day 2 – Start-up ecosystem in Milan

On the second day of the trip, some notable start-up hotspots in Milan were on the agenda.

The group visited the PoliHub – Innovation Park & Startup Accelerator, known as a centre for DeepTech innovation. There, Laura Indraccolo and Johnny Camilo Perez Rosas presented their organisation. Then it was on to the Talent Garden coworking space, where numerous start-ups work. There, Armin Zadak Bar presented his activities within the web3 community. The participants found the #Startupgym, a new concept led by Oliver Lesche, particularly worth seeing. Here, ideas are born and promoted that are still at a very early stage, without prototypes, market validation or a business model. It’s about ideas that follow a vision and still need to be built.

Day 3 – Return journey and final networking

After two intensive days, the return journey to Germany was on the agenda. The participants used the first part of the trip to catch up on the lack of sleep from the previous nights. 💤

Finally, there was the great opportunity to conduct small interviews with Julia Piechotta (Spoontainable GmbH), Nikolaus Schmidt (Aampere) and Jens Schmelzle (Fryd).

Our conclusion


The BW-Kommt Start-up Tour was a complete success! The participants were able to network with other start-ups and organisations from the region and make valuable contacts. The hotspots visited provided insights into the actual facets of the start-up scene and inspired the participants to come up with new ideas and projects. The tour showed that Baden-Württemberg is a real hotspot for start-ups and that it is worth promoting and supporting the region. We look forward to the next #bawükommt tour!

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