Entrepreneurship Summit 2023 in Berlin

Artjom Abele

The Entrepreneurship Summit 2023 in Berlin was more than just an event – it was a magnetic centre for aspiring and established entrepreneurs. A weekend full of ideas that not only inspired, but also made the pulse of entrepreneurship tangible for everyone. The motto “Entrepreneurship for everyone. Be an entrepreneur!
There is no better alternative!”

As a KIT start-up incubator, we are closely associated with technology transfer and support start-ups in the realisation of innovative ideas. It was therefore a pleasure for us to take part in the Entrepreneurship Summit 2023 in Berlin. Our colleague Ralf Stüber moderated a panel and with the two KIT spin-offs Kamedi GmbH and FORMIC Transportsystem, two promising start-ups were also represented.

Günter Faltin, founder of the Entrepreneurship Foundation and main organiser of the Entrepreneurship Summit, visited KIT one week after the event in Berlin for an IMPULSE lecture and filled the hall. Full of passion, he captivated the audience with his view of the topic: founding as a total work of art. He repeatedly emphasised that the “components”, which are among the weaknesses of the founding team, should be outsourced to professionals.

KIT Gründerschmiede

Ralf Stüber moderated the panel, which shed light on the transition of highly specialised knowledge from research to application. Kamedi GmbH and FORMIC Transportsystem reported on their experiences and, together with Stephanie Pfeil-Coenen, discussed the hurdles to market entry, authorisations, various financing options, patents and much more. A discussion with the audience rounded off the event. Questions of technology transfer and support from universities and partners were discussed. It was also highlighted how hypotheses can be tested through lean prototyping. And how long the iteration loops should be when developing prototypes. It was emphasised that research cycles are often longer than hoped for. A discussion round in the spirit of entrepreneurship!

The Entrepreneurship Summit 2023 was a powerful experience that captured the essence of entrepreneurship: Ideas, collaboration and relentless innovation.

It’s worth attending next year!

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