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Curricular Offerings

The KIT Founders Forge and many other institutions at KIT provide teaching offerings regarding the topics of entrepreneurial thought and action.

The central provider of lectures and seminars of the KIT Founders Forge is the team at the Institute for Entrepreneurship, Technology Management and Innovation (EnTechnon). You can find all lectures for the winter and summer term here. There are also lectures and seminars about innovation and entrepreneurship at other faculties and institutes. We have listed some examples for you here.


Entrepreneurship (WS/SS)

The lecture introduces you to the concepts of entrepreneurship, methods for creating innovative business ideas, transforming patents into business concepts as well as the basics of business planning.

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Management neuer Technologien (SS)

This lecture gives an overview of new technologies in biotechnology, nanotechnology and neuroscience and provides the basic ideas of technology management.

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KIT Entrepreneurship Talks

The lecture series E-Talks is open to anyone who is interested. Here, successful founders and personalities of entrepreneurship talk about their startup experiences.

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Seminars at EnTechnon

Design Thinking – KIC (WS)

In this seminar, the process of design thinking will be run through iteratively. Different tools and methods will be mediated that focus primarily on human centered innovation.

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Business Planning for Founders – KIC (WS)

The seminar focusses on concepts to concretize business ideas as well as on creating an implementable business plan.

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Entrepreneurship Basics (WS/SS)

Covers basic topics of entrepreneurship and imparts knowledge. Besides the lectures, participants should actively experience and learn what it means to be a founder.

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Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation Management (WS)

This seminar's about identifying and estimating entrepreneurial opportunities, the sharpening of innovative business ideas, pitches and organizational development.

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Design Thinking (WS/SS)

This seminar is contentwise equivalent to "Design Thinking – KIC", except that it's held in german.

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Geschaeftsplanung für Gruender (WS/SS)

This seminar is contentwise equivalent to "Business Planning for Founders", except that it's held in german.

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