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We work together with competent partners toward successful startup profiling at KIT. Through cooperation with other KIT institutions, we offer useful awareness opportunities and further education possibilities. In an interplay of teaching and practice, you can gain useful knowledge and gather your own experiences.

KIT Institutions and Institutes

Center for Entrepreneurship (CIE)

The Center for Entrepreneurship (CIE) supports founders throughout all stages, from development of the business model to market entry. Through close cooperation with KIT institutes, as well as the regional, national, and international network, we can act across sectors and call on the expertise of diverse partners if necessary. The foundation of our work is an active founder family that has formed over the past years and promotes the exchange from "entrepreneur to entrepreneur". To CIE

Service Unit Innovation and Relations Management (IRM)

The Service Unit Innovation and Relations Management (IRM) is the service partner for the commercialization of research results at KIT. At the intersection of science, economy, and capital, the focus lies on linking the complementary potentials through conveying professional knowledge and contacts as well as generating transfer and innovational projects. The IRM employees consult science and economics and support the innovational process from the securing of rights to cooperation and license agreement to business startup.      To IRM

Institute for Entrepreneurship, Technology-Management und Innovation (EnTechnon)

The Institute for Entrepreneurship, Technology Management und Innovation (EnTechnon) stands for teaching and research in entrepreneurship and innovation. Together with the actors in the KIT environment, the institute wants to develop the knowledge and competence about how new technological and commercial possibilities can be realized in innovation through entrepreneurial action. The team of the institute supervises entrepreneurship theory and qualification offers of the Founders Forge in the university area. To EnTechnon

HECTOR School of Engineering and Management

The HECTOR School was founded in 2005 and is named after Dr. h. c. Hans-Werner Hector, cofounder of the software business SAP. At KIT, the HECTOR School fulfills the task of a Technical Business School. Engineers, computer scientists, and researchers of KIT can continue their studies in different part-time masters programs. In cooperation with the School, the Founders Forge organizes the PhD spring and summer schools on technology innovation and entrepreneurship. To the HECTOR School

House of Competence (HoC)

The House of Competence (HoC) is the central research-based institution at KIT for interdisciplinary competence development. On the basis of an empirically founded concept and in consultation with students, faculty, and industry representatives, HoC offers a wide range of teaching offers for students of all academic degrees. In the seminars, both theoretical foundations and application-oriented contents are conveyed. Together with the HoC, we offer seminars around the topic of entrepreneurship for students at KIT. To HoC

Fortbildungszentrum für Technik und Umwelt (FTU)

The Fortbildungszentrum für Technik und Umwelt (FTU) (Advanced Training Center for Technology and Environment) in essence takes on the educational task of KIT. This offer covers courses, seminars, and internships for participants of different education backgrounds in science, economics, and administration, as well as for the broader public and is largely created from the professional competence of over 9,000 employees of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. To FTU

Karlsruhe House of Young Scientists (KHYS)

The Karlsruhe House of Young Scientists (KHYS) is the communication and interaction platform for up-and-coming scientists of KIT and is directed toward doctoral candidates and postdoctoral candidates (up to two years after promotion). The spectrum of offers from KHYS is very diverse: general information, funding possibilities, and support offers. Together with the KHYS, we offer consultation and information about invention disclosure, patents, and business startups especially for research offspring at KIT. To KHYS

Institut für Produktentwicklung (IPEK)

The Institut für Produktentwicklung (IPEK) (Institute for Product Development) sees itself as the center of scientific product development and innovation with a focus in drive systems and mobility. Investigation, development, and teaching of methods and processes for product development belong to the central areas of the institute. To IPEK

Zentrum für Angewandte Kulturwissenschaft und Studium Generale (ZAK)

The three fields of activity at ZAK are applied cultural science in research and theory, interdisciplinary general studies, and public science. The work of ZAK consists of enabling access to excelent additional qualifications for students of all faculties, promoting interdisciplinary competence acquisition, and improving intercultural communication. Furthermore, ZAK is concerned with integrating the public into scientific teaching and research. To ZAK

University groups


The student group PionierGarage e.V. promotes entrepreneurial thought and action at KIT. Through events and actions, students of all fields can join and discuss the topic of business startup. Participate!


The interdisciplinary group "RESEARCH TO BUSINESS by students" supports researchers from KIT with technology transfer and market entrance of their technologies. In small groups, the students analyze technologies that are characterized by market potential and can have a social or environmental application. Participate!


The team of Enactus takes on responsibility by independently bringing to life social projects. During the project, the members use business spirit and economical methods. This way, Enactus helps students prepare for entrepreneurial thought and action in a more and more complex world. Participate!

Further education offers

From Invention to Innovation

The seminar at FTU is directed toward researchers from KIT who want to get to know the foundations of a successful patent operation.

Key skills

The House of Competence (HoC) is the institution in the field of interdisciplinary competence development at KIT and a partner of the Founders Forge. Here, you can find teaching formats for the development of your key qualifications.

Substantiated learning of product development

Students can learn practical methods systematically at IPEK – Institut für Produktentwicklung of KIT in a learning format of integrated product development.

Develop new ideas with structure

At ZAK (Zentrum für Angewandte Kulturwissenschaft und Studium Generale – "Center for Applied Cultural Science and Studium Generale"), students can discuss generating ideas in innovation management.

Infrastructure for founders

KIT high-tech incubators

In 2008, the first high-tech incubator was founded at KIT and in 2012 it was expanded through a building with office spaces and conference rooms. Technology-oriented startup projects in the scientific environment encounter ideal framework conditions in the incubator with furnished office and laboratory rooms. To the KIT high-tech incubators

Expand your network at KIT!

Is your faculty, institute, or university group dealing with entrepreneurship and startup as a career option? Do you have support offers (lectures, seminars, or the like) regarding the topic of business startups for students or scientific employees? Then become part of the KIT Founders Forge! We will gladly present your offers on our web portal.