KIT Gründerschmiede

Project partners

For the project KIT Founders Forge, four partners have teamed up with KIT in order to establish a central contact point for people who are interested in founding a business. We are working on strengthening the startup culture across KIT.

Institute for Entrepreneurship, Technology Management and Innovation (EnTechnon)

At the EnTechnon institution, scientifically founded contents about entrepreneurship are conveyed and prepared for entrepreneurial practice. The goal is to directly train entrepreneurial thought and action in the context of the lectures and seminars, so that technological and business opportunities may be realized as innovations. The theory forms a technical basis for prospective founders.

Innovation and Relations Management (IRM)

IRM is the service partner for the commercialization of research results at KIT. At the intersection of science, economy, and capital, the focus lies on linking complementary potential by conveying professional knowledge and contacts, as well as generating transfer, innovation, and startup projects. The IRM employees advise in science and economics and support the innovational process from securing rights, managing cooperation and license agreements to the business startup. High-tech and knowledge-based startups are accompanied individually.

Center for Entrepreneurship (CIE)

In 2008, CIE was created in the framework of the EXIST-III project under leadership of EnTechnon. It supports founders in all phases, from the development of a business model to market entrance. Through its close cooperation with institutes at KIT as well as with regional, national, and international networks, the startup center can act across sectors and thus call on the expertise of various partners if necessary. The goal is to strengthen the network and pass on know-how according to the principle "from entrepreneur to entrepreneur".

KIT Innovation gGmbH

The KIT Innovation gGmbH is the foundation for promoting innovation, startup culture, and entrepreneurship education at KIT. The foundation’s goal is to strengthen the entrepreneurial thought and action of the people at KIT and in its surroundings. With committed partners and modern instruments, the foundation seeks to promote teaching concepts, projects, and platforms at KIT that pursue the transfer of new knowledge, services, and technologies in the areas of innovation and entrepreneurship. Through fundraising, interested target groups have the possibility to engage in the buildup and development of these future topics at KIT and sustainably secure the Founders Forge.