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Stage 2 – Focus

When a decision to start a business is made, there are many questions that must be answered: Is there a market for this business idea? How can I turn an idea into a marketable product? Will I work alone or who is going to be part of my startup team? Who will my customers be?

We assist you in further developing your business idea. You can find our services and other useful information on this page.

Build up know-how

Get feedback

In the development of your business model, feedback from other founders, investors, business angels and startup coaches is particularly important. Get in touch with our coaches.

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Measure yourself in competitions

Grab the opportunity to measure and improve yourself in competitions. You can benefit from funds and valuable know-how. Here’s a list with the most important competitions.

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Key skills

The House of Competence (HoC) is an institution at KIT in the field of interdisciplinary competence development. Here you will find the teaching formats for further development of your core competencies.

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Build up know-how for enterprising

Various facilities at KIT facilities offer further training on entrepreneurship. We provide yout with theoetical input and practice-oriented application examples.

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Accelerator Program upCAT

In the 12-week intensive program upCAT, startup teams are supervised and coached in their startup plans. UpCAT offers the participating teams a supportive environment and know-how in order to push the development of their business idea, innovation or founding. So upCAT basically works as a catalyst/accelerator for startup initiatives.                 read more


Thomas Neumann

Head of Business Development
Innovation and Relations Management
CN Geb. 707, Room 122
Phone: +49 721 608-29056