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Stage 3 – Business plan

Now, it is all about building and shaping your company! Once you have found and validated a business idea, the design of a corporate structure and the search for the right business model begins. When you develop your business plan, you must clarify several legal issues.

We will help you develop your business model and answer your questions. You can find our services and other useful information on this page.

Accelerator Program upCAT

In the 12-week intensive program upCAT, startup teams are supervised and coached in their startup plans. UpCAT offers the participating teams a supportive environment and know-how in order to push the development of their business idea, innovation or founding. So upCAT basically works as a catalyst/accelerator for startup initiatives.                 read more

Patents and trademarks

Protective rights have an indispensable corporate value, especially for high-tech start-ups. The Innovation and Relations Management advises scientific founders on matters of dealing with KIT know-how. Read more

Business plan development

What is a reliable business plan and what do I need for it? In our blog 'Business plan for beginners', we provide useful basics and approaches for development.  Read more


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