KIT Gründerschmiede

Reasons for starting up

Founding a business, leaving the familiar work environment, or even dropping out of college to pursue your own dream – it's a risk. If you really have a good business idea, there are good reasons to do it.



Why found?

You can make the best of your talent

If you are your own boss, only you and your business have access to your know-how, knowledge, and ideas. Your talents are put to use the way you think is right.

You can enjoy your freedom and independence

As a founder, you decide the strategy of your business. No one can set limits or guidelines for the future of your company. This gives you the opportunity to think outside the box, pursue individual paths, and build a business world that is entirely yours.

You can live out your creativity

Are you an unconventional thinker and have ideas that others call crazy? You could become a very successful founder because talent for improvisation and creativity are required.

You can profit from countless learning effects

As a business founder, you will do many things that you have never tried before. 'Learning by doing' gives you the possibility to grow personally and expand your competences in unsuspected areas.

You can identify with what you do

What you develop is yours. You can never stand as much behind a product that you didn’t invent yourself. Isn’t it great to work for something everyday that you love?

You will get lots of support

As a founder, you are not alone. There are plenty of places to assist entrepreneurs – whether information on the web or in books, consulting centers, spaces, financing possibilities, and much more. At KIT, you get support from the founders' consultation.

You will never get bored

Immaterial to-dos? Uninteresting tasks? As a founder, you can be creative, explore new ideas, and continuously develop your business. This certainly never gets boring!

You will get recognition

Entrepreneurs provide innovations for everyday life, develop better products than already existing on the market, and create jobs. As a "maker", you gain respect and recognition by society.

You can't fail for no reason

Founding always includes the risk of failing. Many of the world's most well-known and successful entrepreneurs did not successfully lead a business idea on the first try. See failing as an opportunity and take the experience with you to your next project!

Feel like founding?

Look at our founder stations and let yourself get inspired or informed at one of our events. Or approach us with your business idea during a founders' consultation.