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KIT Innovation Fund NEULAND

The Innovation Fund is a KIT-internal development program for technology transfer projects in the research institutes. The goal is a product-oriented development of market-relevant potential as a spin-off project.

High-tech startup plans of KIT may request funding from the Innovation Fund. It may be used for market studies, development of the product idea, such as prototypes, and especially for co-financing public founder development programs.

Framework conditions

Funding from the Innovation Fund is only given to startup plans of academic employees of KIT. The funding in question is a so-called pre-seed financing that can only be approved during the startup phase. The team of the KIT Innovation Management determines the individual level of financing together with the applicant. Essential to this is the market potential of the idea.

The KIT Innovation Fund is maintained by the KIT Innovation Management, and projects are accompanied by innovational managers of KIT for the duration of the funding.                                                                             Continue reading

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