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Financing new ideas and young businesses is a challenge for inventors and founders. In addition to the classic financing options through public funds, Business Angels, and Venture Capitalists, especially Crowdfunding and Crowdinvesting have established themselves as alternatives.

Crowdfunding at KIT

True to this mantra, the Crowdfunding concept relies on many donors and investors who finance the business as silent partners. Startup projects can gather the necessary startup capital through contributions of all small investors. These investors are usually addressed through Internet platforms. Startup projects can present themselves on the Crowdfunding platform in order to convince as many investors as possible.


With KITcrowd, KIT has launched its own crowdfunding portal, where selected crowdfunding and crowdinvesting projects will be presented by students and scientific employees of KIT and from its network. 

KITcrowd aggregates projects from different platforms and gives an overview of current project ideas from the KIT environment.


Nina Stock

Business Development Manager
Innovation and Relations Management
CN Geb. 707, Room 119a
Phone: +49 721 608-22147