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Innovative ideas blaze in many minds at KIT. If these ideas are made concrete and worked into business models, one often arrives at the conclusion that financial means are necessary to build up the business. In order to implement the idea, develop products, pay for employees, marketing and sale there is a need for a financial basis for short-, medium- and long-term success.

Startup – a question of money?

Only a few founders have the necessary starting capital and rely on supporting external financing. In addition to public funding offerings, there are a number of other financing possibilities: from Crowdfunding to Business Angels, Family Offices, and Venture Capitalists to bank loans.

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Development Programs

Development programs can provide a financial stimulus for building up the business. Depending on the business idea, there are different programs available at federal and country level.

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Crowdfunding provides an alternative to traditional forms of financing. With contributions of donors and sponsors innovative projects and business ideas can be financed.

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Innovation Fund NEULAND

The Innovation Fund is a development program for KIT technology transfer projects. The goal is a product-oriented development of market-relevant potential as a spin-off project.

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Funding Consulting

Our founder consultants are experts in the selection and application for subsidies and can answer your questions about development programs. Arrange an appointment for personal consulting with us today.


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